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The following is a sampling of the kinds of programs  provided:

Shopping for Health ... Eating for Life:   A class about making healthy food choices.

Stress, the Immune System and NutritionPsychoneuroimmunology (the connection between the mind, the body and the immune system) and the role nutrition plays in enhancing immune system functioning. This is best presented in two segments, but can be done in one program.

Seeking a Healthy Balance: Providing assessment tools regarding balancing work, play and other life obligations; ways of looking at health and wellness and how to achieve it.

Nutrition and Health: A series of talks on the relationship between nutrition/foods and cancer, heart disease, diabetes, the immune system, fatigue, etc.

Ourselves and Our Bodies: A workshop designed to increase awareness of the relationship between appearance and health, the relationship between foods/eating and emotions, and the nutritional factors that affect weight loss or weight gain.

Nurture Yourself: A participatory workshop over several weeks which provides information and techniques for getting and staying healthy.

Nutrition and Women’s Health: This can be an introductory program or a series, including PMS, menopause, osteoporosis, weight management, breast cancer

Losing the Diet. Gaining Your Health: For "diet veterans." Focus on and respect your body’s needs. Distinguish between emotional hunger and physical hunger

Wellness at Mid-Life. a time of transition: This can be a women only or a mixed group. Assessing health, symptoms, attitudes about getting older and providing prevention strategies.

Food and Behavior: The effects of food and nutrition on emotions, energy, behavior and/or ability to learn.

You and Your Gut: How your body utilizes the foods you eat and the common problems people often suffer as a result of poor food choices, improper digestion, absorption, etc.

Nutrition and Sports: Meeting the body’s energy needs.

Pre-Pregnancy Nutrition and Nutrition during Pregnancy

Specials:  In addition, Courses can be developed based on client needs and concerns.
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